National Parks Centennial

Olympic National Park, Hoh Rain Forest, entrance sign

Photo courtesy of Connie Ma. The photo can be found on Flickr in Connie’s album, “The Northwest Passage 2011” and is entitled “Entrance to Hoh Rainforest”. See Creative Commons license here for terms of use.

During 2016, the Olympic National Park celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the founding of our National Park Service! Come join us and experience the spectacular beauty of the park. From mountain glaciers to rugged coastlines, the Olympic offers a myriad of experiences, including temperate Rain Forests, world record trees, surging rivers, pounding waterfalls, and abundant animal and plant life.

Check out these informative travel and activity links to help you plan your experience in the Olympic National Park during the national parks centennial year
2017 National Park free Admission Days
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